Ian was engulfed in his rage and ready to kill. Matthaius growled at him and threw the gun away.

"I dont like uns but that was a once and a life time type of thing". Ian stepped closer looking at his sister's dead body and the longer he looked the angrier he became.

"You killed my sister", Ian's voice rose. "I'm going to kill you slowly and painfully".

"You can try cupcake", Ian ran lunged for Matthaius, they struggled on the ground and Ian punched him repeatedly in the face. Matthaius knocked Ian off of him and stood up whipping the blood off of his lip."Okay now that hurts".

"I can make it hurt even harder",  Ian let out a loud roar and tackled Matthaius to theground, he kicked Ian of him and slashed at his chest. Ian ignored the wound he just recieved and lunged even closer to Matthaius. He elbowed him in the face and he then icked him in the chest. Matthaius was barely able to stand, without noticing Ian punched him again. He picked Matthaius up and slammed him into the ground. "Now any last words?", Ian raised his claws for the final strike when someone picked him up from behind. Kevin Sanchez appeared at the right moment.

"Need a hand?", Matthaius hesitantly accepted the offer.


"No problem". Ian rosed and charged at them but with Kevin's enhanced strength and spped he stopped him, he threw Ian to Matthaius, who drove his claws deep into Ian's chest, piercing his heart. When Ian dropped dead, Matthaius eyes went from golden amber to crimson red.

"Whoa! So this what it feels like to be an alpha", Matthaius could feel a hidden surge of power coursing through him. After the fight Matthaius packed his bags, ready to leave.

"Your leaving already?", Quintus asked.

"Yeah, I thought I could find answers here, but I didn't. I think it's time for me return home".

"Will we see each other again?".

"Perhaps", Matthaius looked at his fiend and hugged him. "Don't worry we'll see each other again", he walked out the door and saw Kevin Sanchez standing their.

"See you soon", he said. He reached out his hand to Matthaius. He thought about it and accepted.

"See you soon, friend", Matthaius walked to his car anddrove into the night.

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