It was just another dark night in the woods of Beacon Hills when a deer had appeared sprinting at full speed. It seemed to be running away from something.

Suddenly, something else appeared and tackled the deer to the ground. Before the animal could struggle the other creature cut its head off with what was showed as to be claws.

Finished with its hunt, the figure put the deer on its shoulder as it began to leae the area. The figure had eventually arrived in a area that looked like it has been used as a camp ground. The figure grabbed a lighter and lit up a fire revealing it to be a african amerian teen boy.

"I seriously got to get to the next town, I'm getting tired of the whole camping hunter life style" said the boy as he began to skin the deer, "Plus there is also the fact that there is an alpha located in the town, if I'm right its the alpha of the Hale Pack named Drew or something like that" thought the young wolf as he began to eat his meal.

~Beacon Hills Highschool~

While everyone else is in the school gettng ready to leave for the summer, we find the betas of the Hale Pack standing on the Lacrosse field.

"Man I am so glad the the whole Kanima situation is done with " said Isacc as while the other two nodded, "Yeah I can't wait to relax this summer" said Erica, "I know right said" said Boyd.

"You know I find relaxing to be overrated there's no rush or any excitement...just plain boredom" said a voice behind them as they turned around to see a boy wh looked to be around 14, 15, or 16.

"And who are you?" asked Isacc as they all got ready to wolf out. "Oh me, well I'm just a simple Omega looking to join the pack of a certain Hale alpha and the name's Rashad by the way" said Rashad as his claws came out. "Derek isn't looking for recruits so get lost" said Isacc while all they all changed.

"How about this, you guys let me fight for a chance and if

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