Matthaius was being followed by someone he didn't recognize. His first instinct was to kill him but he wanted to get any information, he grapped him and choked him.

"Who are you and why are you following?. Are you a hunter or do work for the Omicron pack., tell me!", Matthaius demanded. He loosen his grip so that the boy could tell him what he wanted, but before he could reply Matthaius was tackled by another werewolf. It was the werewolf Scott McCall.

"Well my name is Quintus Wayne, you know like Bruce Wayne and this is my friend Scott. We need to talk to you about something important", he said.

"My help?, what are you talking about?", Matthaius said.

"Well you see I'm a psychic and I had a vision that you would be here and that you may be of some help", Quintus said.

"The Omicron are to strong and they are killing people. They are to strong Derek, his pack, and me aren't strong enough. If that isn't bad enough their are hunters trying to kill us, a war is coming and we might need your help", Scott said. Matthaius paused on Scott's words and realized he won't be able to finish his own plans as long as the Omicron pack is around.

"Your right a war is coming, a war between werewolves and hunters. I can't make any promises that innocent people won't be caught in the cross fire but I can promise that I will help stop the Omicron pack", Matthaius said.

"Good, so what do we do first?", Quintus asked.

"Alpha packs are much stronger than any other packs, but if we can get at least one of the alphas alone maybe but just maybe we could kill one. We need to find a way to deal with the Kanima first, it seems we are new allies", Matthaius said.

" Destruction " Fifth episode of the Red Moon Series