A Rare Bird is a fanfiction writen by StormWolfy and tells the story of how Gina Smith joined the Clark Pack.
A Rare Bird
Series Stand alone Fanfiction.
Chapter number 1, ongoing
Publication date 18th of February 2016
Author(s) StormWolfy
Rating 12+
Main character(s)

Willow Clark

Ben Clark

David King

Gina Smith
Set in Beacon Hills and the surrounding area and in the near future where the cast of Teen Wolf have all left school to follow their own dreams and Jordan Parish is the Sheriff.

Main Characters Edit

Willow Clark ​- Alpha werewolf of the Clark Pack. 

Ben Clark - Beta werewolf in the Clark Pack. 

David King - Beta werewolf in the Clark Pack. 

Gina Smith - Harpy in the Clark Pack. 

Secondary Characters Edit

Hunter 1  Hunter 2  

Hunter 3 

(I'll probably give them names soon) 

Mentioned Characters Edit

Jordan Parish - Sheriff of Beacon Hills, Hellhound.   Unnamed girl - werewolf.   

Chapters Edit

A Rare Bird Chapter 1