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Willow Clark was standing at her locker, talking to her twin brother while taking out her biology books. "They're making pizza in the cafeteria." She said with certainty. Ben glanced at his watch, "The first bell's not even gone yet, how can you tell?" He asked in amazement. "Dear brother, I got our families heightened sense of smell" she slammed her locker door, "while you got our families heightened hearing." She finished as Ben winced at the sound. "And then there are people like David King who continue to astound us all even without tying." Willow called out in mock adoration as her second beta walked past. David smirked, gave the blond haired twins a wave and continued down the hall.

At that moment, the school bell started ringing and the twins went their separate ways, Willow to biology and Ben to Chemistry. When Willow entered the lab she noticed that a new girl was sitting in the seat next to her own which was normally vacant. "Ms Clark this is Gina Smith, Ms Smith this is Willow Clark." The teacher introduced them. "Ms Smith has decided to take biology on top of her other subjects. Please make her feel welcome." Willow gave Gina a smile and received a small one in return. When Willow took her seat beside the girl, a strange smell hit her. It wasn't particularly bad but it wasn't exactly nice either. Moving away a little, Willow discovered that the smell was stronger nearer Gina. Her werewolf senses kicked in and she realized that the girl was also supernatural. Wanting to find out more but knowing that she couldn't use her werewolf eyes encase somebody saw, Willow started examining Gina. Wavy brown hair famed her face, a few strands falling over brown eyes, which showed no flashes of yellow, red, blue or any other colour. Smallish hands bearing no jewelry, were tipped with perfectly shaped but totally normal, claw free, finger nails. No fangs, tail or wings present, but Willow couldn't get that smell out of her mind. The girl was defiantly something and Willow was going to find out what.

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