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Symbol Ostravos Clan Alexei Ostravos
Alexei Ostravos
Born c. 1940s
Status Living
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Male
Family members • Unnamed wife
Grigori Ostravos (Son)
Natasha Ostravos (Daughter)
Mikhail Ostravos (Son)
Played by Richard Jenkins
Appearances Bloodlust

The patriarch of the Ostravos Family, Alexei Ostravos has long carried the torch against the supernatural in middle America and aided much of his family in his native country of Russia. Having raised his three children to be staunch champions of hummanity, he was devastated when his youngest and most beloved son, Mikhail, was killed by a werewolf while on a mission in Seattle, WA. Since, Alexei convened a meeting between the three hunter-families to wage war against the supernatural, werewolves being their primary target.



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