American Witch Council God and her Angels
— Mentions: "We are 10,000 years of magic strong. No bug or snake will change that."

The American Witch Council is the national representative of every witch on the North American continent, including Mexico, Central America, the United States, Canada and Greenland. Considered one of the most prestigious and powerful of all the witch councils in the world, the American Witch Council has led a secret cabal of powerful women for centuries and has absorbed magical traditions from several thousand cultures and countries.

Lead by an enormously powerful young witch with magic eclipsing even a Faiel, their organization is simultaneously revered and feared across the planet, with even major players like Céline and Ku-Tora Jashin refusing to meddle in their affairs.

The Stepford Cuckoos were once the leader of the American Which Council, but was forced out after splitting herself into three and becoming drunk with the power of magic. Since their dismissal, the council is now led by Porlyusica.