Banshees are omens of death. They can hear voices in their heads. Often this leads them, subconsciously, to murder scenes. They sometimes write or draw messages from the voices subconsciously.


Banshees are psychic humans who have been "touched" by death. This can be past down in a family (i.e: the Martin Family). Only women can be banshees.


Banshees look like regular female humans, their appearance may vary.

Banshee Abilities

  • Banshee Whispers: A banshee's power largely manifests as the ability to hear. They hear voices in their heads that only they can receive and translate. These voices they hear are the messages of their own kind. Banshees are attuned to a level of the universe nothing else is. This network broadcasts supernatural messages surrounding death to a banshee. They are able to connect to this network and issue messages of their own, broadcast their own "whispers" surrounding death, or communicate with other banshees. This network can be accessed through inexplicable conduits that produce soundwaves; plucking piano strings, listening to inactive phones or listening to a record player.
  • Death Harbinger: Banshees can either feel, retrieve visions, or be drawn to future, present, or past death. They have a bond with death, and thus can sense it.
  • Immunity: Banshees are immune to the bites of supernatural creatures, kanima venom, Mountain Ash, etc. They can't be changed into anything else.
  • Piercing Scream: A banshees scream is a means to an end, drowning out all other sounds so that they can focus on the voices only they can hear. A banshee can use their scream in the manner of a trigger, as a lever over their abilities and hearing. The scream is used to drown out all other surrounding sounds so a banshee can zone in and focus on what only they can hear. They can use their scream as a offensive weapon as well. The scream is seen as a strong sound wave capable of throwing people and objects short distances. As seen in "Songbird", a banshees scream can shatter a human skull with their voice. At their highest peak of their abilities, a banshees scream could be so powerful it could kill everyone around them
  • Telepathy: Banshees are capable of reading the minds of others. Their telepathy also allows them to dig deeper into people's minds through touch. They can force memories to be revealed, and can even recover supressed memories.

Known Banshees

  • Cassie Martin
  • Lydia Martin
  • Meredith Walker
  • Regina Maximoff
  • Tara Olivares (deceased)

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