cast members of: Beacon Hills (TV Series)

The Gang (Main Cast)Edit

  • Nicola Peltz as Kirby Reynolds - Kirby is portrayed as enthusiastic, quick-witted, sharp and clever with a survivor's edge. After she was attacked by a serial killer, Tatum and her family moved to Beacon Hills for a fresh new start.
  • Kiana Lede as MJ Prescott - Brainy and beautiful and a bookworm, MJ is the most intelligent member of the group, providing knowledge and crucial information. She also is a very gifted singer, which is displayed throughout the series.
  • Miles Heizer as Trevor Addison - Trevor is the sarcastic, tech-savvy, gamer of the group with a great sense of humor that helps him navigate his way through life. He is extremely courageous and isn't afraid to help a friend. 
  • Ross Lynch as Kyle Reynolds - Incredibly charming, a bit of flirt and a ladies man, it's hard to take him seriously. Kyle, unlike his sister, has a hard time keeping himself focused and keeping his grades up, which is a topic that comes up often.
  • Billy Unger as Emmett Duvall - Compassionate and selfless, Emmett is genuinely a good guy who means well, but comes off kind of strong. Being an angry individual, Tate finds it hard to control himself and to not lash out at others, especially more nights than others. 

The Parents (Recurring Cast)Edit

  • Julie Bowen as Fiona Reynolds - widowed.
  • Kevin McKidd as Kent Reynolds - deceased.
  • Angel Parker as Michaela Prescott - single parent, divorced.
  • ? and ? as David and Alice Addison - happily married.
  • Neve Campbell as Rachel Duvall - ex husband ran off.

Beacon Hills High (Recurring Cast)Edit

  • Taylor John Smith as Jason Parker - love interest of Kirby, lacrosse player. 
  • Brianne Tju as Olivia Ashida - student.
  • Giorgia Whigham as Hailee Brown - student.
  • Bella Thorne as Cara Allen - former girlfriend of Emmett Duvall, "The Devil in a Cheerleading Uniform". Cara and Kirby get into multiple verbal altercations until Kirby physically attacks her (315).
  • Anne Winters as Summer Robertson - cheerleader, Carly's bestfriend.
  • Bobby Campo as Mr. Paul Jackman - History Teacher.
  • Orny Adams as Coah Bobby Finstock - Lacrosse Coach, Economics Teacher.
  • Austin Highsmith as Mrs. Naomi Reed - Cheerleading Coach, English Teacher.

Banshees (Recurring/Guest Cast)Edit

  • Holland Roden as Lydia Martin - former Beacon Hills resident, current Guidence counselor, recurring.
  • Maya Eshet as Meredith Walker - Eichen House resident, guest.

Werewolves (Recurring/Guest Cast)Edit


Season OneEdit

The series premieres after the students come back from summer break, Kirby is introduced as a new student.


Feed the Fear.




  1. Bad Omen: After a traumatizing event that happened over summer vacation, Kirby begins to sleepwalk and hear strange voices. 
  2. The Man with the Glowing White Eyes: Kirby struggles understanding her abilities and has recurring nightmares of a hooded man with glowing white eyes. Meanwhile, Emmett and Tate prepare for their lacrosse game. 
  3. Hello, Kirby: Tate flips out in class after a confrontation with a teammate, and Kirby receives disturbing notes both at school and at home. 
  4. Into the Woods:  Kirby wakes up in the woods, The Wendigo stalks a new prey.
  5. Full Moon: MJ is tutoring students in the library, while Kirby and Tate are on a date, he has a hard time composing himself. Emmett and Trevor discover shocking news.
  6. Voices in My Head: Lydia seeks out Kirby and the gangs help.
  7. 315: Kirby's premonition leads her constantly drawn to the number 315. 
  8. Jeepers Creepers: The Wendigo terrorizes MJ.
  9. Let's Play a Game: ....
  10. Scream Queen: Stranded on a lonely road, the Gang must defend a schoolbus of lacrosse players, their coaches, and cheerleaders from The Wendigo.


  • Who is "The Wendigo"? - a Wendigo is going around Beacon Hills causing terror and eating people. 


  • 315 (episode) refers to how many people The Wendigo has both murdered and eaten.

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