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Black Cohosh, also known as Black Snakerook and Black Bugbane (and known scientifically as Actaea racemosa) is a plant that is toxic to vampires and humans.


On HumansEdit

Black Cohosh causes cardiac arrest and death in humans as it slows the heartbeat down considerably. It has no effect on Bitten humans as the person will either vomit up the plant or sweat it out from the fever.

On WerewolvesEdit

Black Cohosh has no effect on werewolves.

On VampiresEdit

Black Cohosh has no effect on fully-turned vampires. On newly-turned vampires, however, it will slow the disease's progress through the body. A new vampire will be able to keep their sense of self until the plant wears off, when the disease continued towards the brain. It is possible for a new vampire to consume the plant indefinitely, therefore maintaining their conscious mind.

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