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Blue Veined Amaryllis Hymn For The Cursed Myth
Appearances: Druid Tampering

Blue Veined Amaryllis, natively known as Blou beaarde amaryllis (Afrikaans), commonly refers to the Amaryllis eidyllia, a perennial bubous flower found rare in South Africa.

The flower, a species of only three in its genus, does not exist outside the mythology of Hymn For The Cursed.

The species name is derived from the Greek ειδύλλιο (eidyllio), meaning "romance" or "love affair."

Mythical Properties

Within the mythology of Hymn For The Cursed, Blue Veined Amaryllis was supposedly created by South African sjamaane centuries ago "in order to help cure those inflicted by the kanima 'disease.'" It is only ever seen used for recreational purposes, however, as it affects both humans and werewolves as well, causing a dramatic spike in one's positive mood, emotional excitation, and sexual excitation.


At the end of the first chapter of Druid Tampering, and leading into the beginning of the second, Stiles Stilinski blows a micro-amount of powdered Blue Veined Amaryllis into his girlfriend's face.
At the end of the fourth chapter, Stiles unleashes a vaporized amount of Blue Veined Amaryllis into the house, affecting everyone and forcing behavior out of his friends that otherwise would never happen.
In the fifth chapter, Scott, Isaac, Lydia, and Gage punish Stiles with a capsulized form of it; Scott confiscated the remains of the substance.