Carleon "Leon" Third Son of the Royal Snakes
— Mentions: "I have not lost my way..."

Carleon commonly referred to as Leon is an inexperienced Jasha and younger brother of Joshua and their eldest brother. Youngest of the snake trio, Carleon is easily known as the weakest and most feeble. Born disabled and unable to fight, he, along with the rest of his clutch mates, were thrown into a pit to fight where it was assumed he would die quickly as the hands of his siblings. However, Joshua adamantly defended the weak little snake from his other brothers and even struck at their eldest brother for getting too close.

With only three hatch-lings left, and the threat of Joshua's wrath on any who tried to harm him, Carleon was allowed to live and has since spent life under the watchful eye of his older brother.

Since Joshua and his lover departed their ancestral home, Leon has considered leaving as well to help his brother with his great endeavor. However, he has still yet to find the will or strength to leave his safe homeland.

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