Carlyne de Dudzeele Founder and Fashionista
— Mentions: "I do...humph...because I love."

Carlyne Cerf Kephre de Dudzeele is the current head of all hunters and the ruler of Céline. The last daughter of the original Argent family, she as a female was poised form birth to be the next leader of the entire hunter nation. And her sharp mind and whit propelled her to the top of all hunter society. Graceful, eccentric, and powerful she has ruled the hunters for 30 years and plans to move them into a new age with her odd, but effective tactics.

She took the name Dudzeele after she married, thinking it was a far more glamorous surname than Argent. She is also distantly related to Chris and Allison Argent, though her relationship with her extended family is minimal.

She encountered Isaac Lahey shortly after Allison's death, on the request that he train in her city and attend her famous school, Lacroix Academy. Initially denied, she later admitted Isaac to the school after sensing some sort of power in Isaac that intrigued and frightened her at the same time. She wished for Isaac to learn to control that power while in the secure walls of Celine before it rips him, and everything around him, apart.