Cat Makwa

Michael Makwa (father)

Jazmin Reyes (mother)

Innoki and Leo Makwa (brothers)
Occupation Dallas Carter's Pack (shaman)
StatusAlive; 16


Pre-Season TwoEdit

Season TwoEdit



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cat is a shaman, and has access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits

Shaman Abilities:Edit

Cat has both ability and training/knowledge to both perceive the spirits and their effects and how to contact and manipulate them, either by bargaining, tricking, or forcing them to abide by her will. Thus Cat's main ability is how to contact the spirits and how to send their spirits outside to roam the world or enter other levels of existence. By manipulating the spirit-world, she can direct the spirits use of their abilities and powers for their behalf in a vast variety of ways. In fact, there isn't much that she can't do, with patience and right contacts in the spirit world can't do, as long as she is willing to pay the price. Abilities she can possess  through spirits are, such as; Astral Projection, Astral Vision, Ancestral Evocation, Healing, Summoning, Nature and Death Sense, etc.