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Symbol Argent Clan Clarence Argent
Clark Argent
Born c. 1970s
Status Living
Occupation Defense Contractor
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Male
Family membersGerard Argent (Father)
• Helena Argent (Mother)
Christopher Argent (Brother)
Victoria Argent (Sister-in-law)
Katherine Argent (Sister)
Courtney Argent (Brother)
Louise Argent (Wife)
Neil Argent (Son)
Allison Argent (Niece)
Played by Chris Diamantopoulos
Appearances Bloodlust

The second oldest Argent sibling, Clarence "Clark" Argent has always competed with his older brother, Chris, for his parents' approval and attention and, as an adult, when it became clear that that Chris was more favored, he severed contact with most of the family (his mother discluded). By day, Clarence works for a defense corporation overseas and carries out the family traditional business in the Middle East, hunting down the supernatural whenever and wherever necessary.



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