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Symbol Argent Clan Courtney Argent
Courtney Argent
Born 1984
Status Living
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Male
Family membersGerard Argent (Father)
• Helena Argent (Mother)
Christopher Argent (Brother)
Victoria Argent (Sister-in-law)
Clarence Argent (Brother)
Louise Argent (Sister-in-law)
Katherine Argent (Sister)
Neil Argent (Nephew)
Allison Argent (Niece)
Played by Brian Geraghty
Appearances Bloodlust

The youngest Argent sibling, Courtney Argent, despite being the baby of the family, has always been more of a dreamer and a visionary. When he was 16, he dropped out of school and began to travel the world, showing back up at home only several times a year. Despite being a hunter, as he was raised to be, he's the most tempered of the Argents and prefers conflict resolution to violence.



Hymn For The Cursed