Dallas' Angels
Occupation Dallas Carter's Pack -member's are female only, and aren't human nor werewolves
SpeciesAlissa Hughes (Kanima Master/Hunter-in-Training)

Briar Aisling (Banshee)

Luna Sanchez (Druid/Emissary)

The only non-werewolves of the pack; Alissa, Briar, and Alissa joked around, about their own special pack. The nicknamed themselves, playfully, Dallas' Angels and/or the Trinity Three (soon to be the Quadruple Four). Current members are; Briar, Alissa, and Luna. Later members, confirmed by writer, ~Ka'ohu~, are; Cat and Lana. The following contains information of the women of Dallas Carter's pack, his "Angels".



Alissa HughesEdit

Alissa, headstrong, empathic, and intelligent, Alissa acts as the leader of the three. She is a Kanima Master, her half-brother Adam Westchester is her kanima. She is also a Hunter-in-Training, because of her father's side. She is, currently, being taught in martial arts, and in hunting. She is trying to change the family code.

Briar-Rose AislingEdit

Briar-Rose, compassionte, laid-back, intelligent, easily frustrated, and witty, Briar is considered the weak, but capable of self-defense, of the group. Well taught in the arts, and quite the seductress, Briar is capable of taking care of herselves, but members of the trio, and the pack think of her, as defensless. But she proves the fact, that she isn't. Briar is a Banshee (an Omen of Death, a Wailing Woman). Currently dating Nico Sanchez.

Luna Sanchez

Luna, witty, intelligent, sarcastic, and compassionte, Luna is the power of the trio. She packs the most power, and can handle her own and others. She gives advice, and helps Alissa with descions. She is co-leader. of the trio. Her brother, Nico, is a Beta Werewolf. Luna is a Druid, and an Emissary to Dallas Carter's Pack. Currently dating Adam Westchester.

Coming SoonEdit

Catori MakwaEdit

Cat is coming soon.

Lana ReedEdit

Lana is coming soon.