Gideon walked alongside of Artemis and Dean, He thought about the loss of his friend and Kevin Sanchez a powerful werewolf. Gideon stopped and sniffed the air. " Artemis a werewolf is near " , Dean transformed and so did Artemis. Gideon walked alongside them. A blue eyed boy stepped out of the shadows growling.

" Wow a Beta fine than let me show you how powerful I am " , Gideon transformed and attacked the boy but a hand shot out and grabbed his breaking his forearm and wrist. Vincent stood there his red eyes burning with intensity of a Alpha. Gideon tried to move but Vincent was to strong everbody come out now. A group of wolves came out 4 had red eyes, 7 had blue eyes. They all growled. Vincent punched Gideon who knocked out. Gideon woke up and tried to move but was strapped to a tree. Dean was on the floor slashed all over the place breathing still, Artemis was running but crying because Dean was gonna die. Dean stood up but the Betas continued to slash at him ruthlessly. " Ben finish the muscle off " , Ben transformed and grabbed Dean's head than squeezed it cracking his skull. Dean went still and Ben threw a match on him burning his bodies so he could'nt use the worm moon by any chance. Artemis was beating up Jared but Edwin came and threw her than growled transforming quick, He charged Artemis who kicked her feet out but Edwin caught them and spun her. Kevin walked slowly toward the fight alongside Samuel Baccari who was staring down at his hands. Kevin growled and knocked Artemis to the floor, " Kevin what are you doing?? " , Kevin slashed out and cut her face than caught her arm and broke it. Kevin growled and tore his teeth into Artemis throat than spun around her and pulled down her neck and squeezed her head, Breaking her skull and neck together while her neck was cut wide-open and she died. " Nice job " .

" This is only the beginning my brothers "

Russell ran through the forest quickly ducking and dodging arrows, One nearly got him but he jumped into the air and landed on his stomach, He charged forward and crashed into T.J who growled as he stood up, " Why the hell is your eyes green " , Russell shoved him but T.J grabbed his arm and tossed him. Russell got up and kicked T.J in the chest with both feet spurting blood from his mouth. " I'm a Beta Werewolf and a member of Ramaius's pack " , T.J smiled and kicked out his foot knocking Russell down and running off. Russell ran away before the hunters could catch him. He had saw the fight between the wolves.

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