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Decisions Made By
Hurt & Hope
Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope
Author(s) lyo24boi
Main character(s) • Scott McCall
• Liam Dunbar
• Stiles Stilinski
• Isaac Lahey
Pairing(s) • Sciam
• Scisaac (?)

Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope is a series of Teen Wolf slash fanfiction stories written under the pseudonymn lyo24boi. Written based on the canon series up until the end of Season 4, or Episode #412, "Smoke and Mirrors", Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope begins not long after the pack is finished with high school and starts when Liam finds Scott in a very vulnerable and broken state. He's Coming Back (released 2014) is the first installment in the series of a proposed four. The series is published on and

The Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope Series

He's Coming Back

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Not long after their post-Beacon Hills High life, a single event changes the alpha at the center of everyone's world.

Rendezvous Berlin

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Isaac travels to Europe in search of his brother who, up until recently, he believed to be dead.

As Time Passes By

Main article: As Time Passes By

Scott and Liam have reached a new and uneasy place in the aftermath of Isaac's death and it's about to take another turn.

~4th Installment To Be Announced~


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