Devin Adam
Born Thursday, 13 , 1995(Age:16)
Died N/A
Sire N/A
Childe(s) N/A
Status Alive
Occupation Student/Part-Time Clerk


Gender Male
Family members

Unknown Father

Unknown Mother
Cause of death N/A
Killed by N/A
Played by Dylan O'Brien
Devin Adams is the Doppleganger of Stiles Stillinski and also a born kitsune, the only thing is that he is a born, Nogitsune and comes to Beacon Hills in search of his source of anger. Devin is also distantly german, possibility of were he got his Doppleganger side comes from and distantly related to Stiles. Devin lives 2 streets away from Briar-Rose Aisling and as far as anyone knows he lives by himself.


Early History

Devin is the son of a Yakuza bosses daughter and his father is a army soldier.

His mother, disappeared 4 years before the start of the series. He never witnessed her death and believed her to die of old age, but the, Oni killed her while she was sleeping.

Devin began talking to a voice in his head which taught him all the basic abilities of a evil kitsune and even showed him how to manipulate certain electricity.

Devin nearly battles with the hunters but backs down, Devin also appears to be sly, witty and considered to be truly evil, but shows some goodness.


Devin is sociopathic, vengeful, intelligent, calculating, sarcastic and witty, he can be very controlling and often shows signs of goodness sparing the hunters life. Devin can be controlled by the darkness and nearly kills one of Beacon Hills teachers.


Devin looks exactly like, Stiles, being his doppleganger and despite them being completey opposites. Devin wears similiar clothing and is seen wearing boring and nerdy clothes to not draw attention.