"Epsilons are breed for war, they are the true beast that humans call werewolves, the ones that made people fear the night, I've seen alphas go against rogue epsilons only to be torn apart, I pity any person who is turned into one of those things" Satomi Ito

Epsilon wolves are werewolves turned by Gammas, they've known to be very violent when rogue and usually only listen to Gamma's or Alphas, when under the wrong command or when rogue they can become dangerous hunting machines. Most werewolves are against the creation of epsilon because stories say that epsilon werewolves are purely created for destruction and war. Epsilon wolves have purple eyes and stronger senses then a normally werewolf, like their creators, they have longer claws too.

Epsilons True Nature Edit

An epsilons true nature is commonly only seen when a epsilon goes rogue, the last epsilon that went Rogue was back in the middle ages, Epsilons when rogue have 'no sense of humanity' and never transform back into their human self, they are said to be dangerous and powerful and that it takes two alphas to take down one. Axel was an epsilon who attempt to go rogue, Tali killed him before he managed to go rogue.

Connected Edit

Epsilons and Gammas are connected, A Gamma can sense when one of their epsilon is either harmed or dead, Epsilons and Gammas can also hear each others thoughts when far away. Gammas take it a lot harder when an epsilon dies because they feel the physical pain their epsilon goes through and severing the mind link harms the gamma by the emotions being there, Epsilons only feel the mind link disappearing.

Known Epsilon wolves Edit

There are four known Epsilon and two unknown. Jace, Alex and Michael were all created by Tali Hale, this explains why they are tame and not out of control. Axel Vanir was an epsilon created by Tali Hale after they fell in love, but afew months after his turning and afew days after their break up, Tali was forced to kill him after he attempt to go rogue.

Jace Storm
Alex Naraki
Michael Smith
  1. Jace Storm
  2. Alex Naraki
  3. Michael Smith

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