Ethan Wintour Four-Armed Alpha
— Mentions: "It never really Ends..."

Ethan Wintour is a former member of the infamous Alpha Pack who left their service after most of the members were killed or otherwise disbanded. Once a terror to Scott McCall and his pack, he and his twin brother tried to gain the packs trust and ultimately enter the pack after the Alpha's was dissolved.

However, after his brother Aiden was killed, Ethan left Beacon Hills with his lover and resolved to never pursue a course of violence or anger again, fearing what else he might lose if he ever did.

After traveling the world for many months, and regaining his alpha after awakening as a Royal Breed werewolf, Ethan and Danny stumbled upon an old enemy and eventually Danny's best friend, Jackson Whittemore, who left for London some months prior. The four unite under a single cause to save Beacon Hills after the rising Nemeton and Royal Breed's threaten their old town.