Ancient Faiel tapestry

Faiel (Lit.Bright Ones) or more commonly known as Fairy, are a race of powerful humanoid creatures and the first known users of magic. They are the second youngest of the Royal Breeds and the fathers of magic insects. They were said to have called upon Love to bring themselves into the world.


Despite being one of the younger races and being heavily featured in myth, much about where the faiel come from and how they came to be is unknown. Their past kept secret, one of the few things that is known about them is that the first of their kind called on love to empower their transformation. However, whether it was a human or otherwise that used those emotions, is unknown.

What is known is that sometime after their inception, which was assumed to happen somewhere in central Europe, they discovered the abilities of magic and let it filter through the world in small amounts, while they still held the secrets to its true nature and full capabilities. Around the same time they established their homeland and palace Harden Fall.

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