Fierce Battle is the fanfiction episode of Teen Wolf Fanon.

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Trapped in the Campbell Cabin, Stiles gives birth to his second child with his nemesis, Madison, who once delivered his daughter via crude C-section, and her sister, Jennifer.

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Stiles was groaning in agony inside of the Campbell cabin, owned by his nemesis, Madison Campbell and her younger sister, Jennifer. His contraction were coming close together. The Campbell sisters knew there was no time to bring him to their family midwife, they had to deliver his baby. "Stiles, are far apart are your contractions now?" Jennifer asked in a calm voice. Jennifer was actually not evil like her older sister. She knew Madison turned to the dark side and became a madwoman. Her hatred towards Stiles was that he was the best friend of Scott McCall, the kid who was bitten by a werewolf and was the one who battled Madison's ex-boyfriend to his death. In need for revenge, she began taunting Stiles, his girlfriend, Lydia, and their daughter, Claudia. Madison delivered Claudia just three years ago via crude C-section, in the same cabin where Stiles is about to give birth to his second child. "About a minute apart!" Stiles groaned. "They're a minute apart, Maddie." Jennifer had second thoughts on being a part of Madison's evil plan. "We can't do this, Mads. His child has nothing to do with your plan." "Jenny. Right now. I don't want to talk about this. The one thing we should focus right now is being midwives. Because Stiles is about to have this baby. There's no time for a damn C-section. We'll think about the battle later. Just find some towels and heat up some water." "Very well, sister." Jennifer races to the storage closet., meanwhile, Madison stays with Stiles. "You know," Stiles strained himself as he got up. "The last time I was in your cabin, you cut my stomach open and stole Claudia from me. Now, we're back. This time, you brought your baby sister with you on your evil plans." "Stiles. Just because she's my little sister, doesn't mean she's evil. She was raised by my aunt and I was raised by another aunt. Our personalities are different, but she is still my sister. My very dear, knocked up sister." "Jennifer's pregnant?" Stiles asked in shock. "Yes. It's Derek's. Your ex-boyfriend. "Now, I don't have to worry about having an heir to carry on the family line. Jenny's baby will take care of it." Madison walked up to Stiles in an attempt to scare him. "You should worry about whether or not you'll survive childbirth." "Why? I survived a C-section." "Well, Stiles you're not going to have a C-section. You this close to giving birth right now. Just concentrate on your breathing."

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