Gabriel Howard
An Omega trying to find his way


  • John Howard (father)
  • Anna Calpon (mother)


Omega Werewolf





Hair Colour:

Jet Black

Eye Colour:


Skin Colour:


Love Interest:

Jennifer Elpus

Notable Kills:

None Currently

Gabriel "Gabe" Howard is an Omega Werewolf currently looking for a new pack. Gabriel is the main protagonist of The Pack series. Gabe is also a descendnat of the Alpha Werewolf Altaïr


Gabe was bitten in 2013 by an unknown Werewolf, the Werewolf that had bitten him was trying to form a pack but was eventually slayed by Hunters leaving Gabriel alone. Gabe and his mother Anna eventually moved to Beacon Hills to start a new life where eventually he met Scott McCall, Scott would prove to be Gabe's mentor teaching him how to control his inner wolf and other things.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gabe is a very quiet person and prefers to stay out of the Werewolf-Hunter war, but if anything threatens anything close to him, Gabe will become driven to stop whatever it is in anyway possible.


Gabe is a youth with jet black hair and green eyes. Although he is a Werewolf he is not physically fit being quite skinny for the average boy his age, he is also quite lanky standing at 5'10 at age 15.

In his Werewolf form, Gabe hasn't mastered the ability to make himself look human and so he goes full wolf, turning into a white wolf standing at about 6'9

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Gabe WolfForm

Gabriel in Werewolf form

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