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Gabriel Michael Welkin, is a new resident in Beacon Hills, hailing from a very old and wealthy family. Despite the fact many people are drawn to both his good looks and his money he keeps himself distanced from people, many assume him to be a snob but in truth he is trying to keep them safe from his dark lineage.


Six foot two with pale skin and sapphire blue eyes with flecks of amber the hair on his head is a deep navy blue color and his eyebrows and eyelashes are dark with blue highlights as a sign of his angelic heritage. His voice is silky and his shoulders are broad, he is well muscled from practicing martial arts and MMA. He is always seen wearing his fathers ring with the Welkin family crest on it.


Quit and private Gabe does not have many friends. Many think him being a spoiled rich snob because he isolates himself. But in truth he desires friendship but is afraid to let people get close. Fearing they would reject him for his heritage or get hurt by getting too close to him. He is described as being hard to read by Scott, making his true intentions difficult to divine. He takes great pride in his human and angel lineage and will not allow either to be insulted. He is also shown to be rather manipulative, having been called 'Peter Jr' by Stiles. He has shown to be very charismatic, using his good looks and charm to manipulate people to doing what he wants. He is also shown to be vindictive, when he found out Stiles stole his fathers ring so he could do research on the Welkin family he manipulated events so Stiles would be publicly arrested by his father the sheriff and seemed to enjoy the shame it brought Stiles.

Despite these negative traits Gabe has shown to be kind and caring, feeling sympathy for wendigos despite his history with the species and has gone out of his way to aid several people even though it did not gain him anything. He has also shown a strong belief in good and evil and has actually helped the pack from behind the scenes by subtly providing them information or some assistance in their mission to protect the town. He believes that if brought back from the edge of extinction Elioud could be a force for good as they were in the days of old. He is also shown to feel the burden of not only his family name and it's legacy but the burden of potentially being the last of his kind.


Born to Paul and Rachel Welkin, his parents were distant cousins. His mother, Rachel seduced Paul even though he was already engaged. He was the heir to the Welkin family fortune and it was Rachel's hope that since he carried the gene as well that their union would produce an Elioud child.

Her dreams were realized when Gabe was born and she knew right away he was a Elioud. By the time she told Paul the truth he was already married and expecting a child with his wife. Although they never married he bought her a very nice house to live in. His wife was enraged, she felt Rachel had robbed her and Paul's child of it's inheritance and put a lot of pressure on Paul to disown both Gabe and his mother. But Paul refused.

When Paul learned Gabe was an Elioud he was shocked, he never believed the family stories about them being descended from angels. He suffered from depression and his marital problems coupled with his fear of what his son would grow up to become made him consider killing Rachel (whom he loved more then his wife) Gabe and himself but in the end could not bring himself to do it and instead took his own life. Gabe was five when he witnessed his fathers death and has carried the scars of his passing, believing if his own father couldn't love him then no one could.

His mother was always protective of him and loved him dearly. Before he had died Rachel convinced Paul to name Gabe as his heir and as his mother that made her the stand-in ruler of the Welkin family.

When Gabe was eight he made friends with a girl from school named Susan and they became really close, even developing romantic feelings for one another. But she was later killed by a wendigo who caught Gabe's scent on her and ate her. When Gabe learned of this he felt an immense sense of guilt and trained to learn to hide his presence from the supernatural and kept himself isolated from others. Over the years Gabe had to move around a lot to keep safe from monsters and hunters. When he was twelve he developed a virtue that allowed him to block his power from being detected by supernaturals at the cost of being unable to use his virtues, a sacrifice he was happy to make if it would keep him and those around him safe from harm.

At the age of thirteen he killed a friend of his named Richard who was from a family of hunters. When Gabe told him what he was he tried to kill Gabe. Gabe didn't mean to kill him but his angel fire burned him to ash. Gabe's mother used her wealth and connections to cover it up and they had to move soon after to avoid suspicion.

A year before he moved to Beacon his mother passed away from leukemia. Before she died she told them she had found that an ancient Elioud artifact may be hidden somewhere in Beacon Hills and that it might be the key to saving the Elioud from extinction.

Coming to Beacon Hills he is hellbent on finding the artifact but keeps finding himself being pulled into Scott and his packs mission to keep the town safe. Although he has gladly helped them his quest for the artifact has caused a bit of strife for Scott and his friends. Causing Gabe and the others to jump back and forth between being allies and being foes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an Elioud Gabe has enhanced physiology, his stamina, reflexes and other physical qualities are shown to be on par with a werewolfs. He is also shown to posses an amazing intellect as well, he is a polymath, being a master of several subjects like math, biology and engineering. This has allowed him to bond with some like Danny and Lydia who like him share a sharp intellect. He is shown to have an excellent memory, claiming to recall every moment of his existence with perfect clarity. He is also skilled in fighting, having several black belts and training in MMA he has also practiced sword play and knows how to use guns. Some of his powers include.

  • Angelic Aura: Similar to a Kitsune's aura Gabe is surrounded by a glowing oval shaped aura which is actually his wings covering his body. White light glows from his skin and shines from his mouth and eyes. It can only be seen by those with enhanced eyesight or on electronic devices.
  • Wings: Gabe's wings are white in color and are both spiritual and physical nature. When not in use they are unseen and intangible but when he summons them they appear on his back between his shoulder blades. They allow him to fly and levitate are durable enough to be used as shields.
  • Enhanced Strength: He is shown to be incredibly strong, he was able to bend the bars of a jail cell with ease. Mixed with his martial arts skills he was able to stand toe to toe against both Scott and Derek.
  • Enhanced Durability: Gabe is very durable, he is capable of withstanding a vast amount of pain, even when being tortured he was able to shrug it off and has even been able to withstand being shot several time in the chest and got up with no apparent harm after being run over by a speeding truck.
  • Enhanced Senses: Gabe has stronger senses then a regular human, he was able to hear Scott and Stiles talking from down a crowded hallway and is able to see in the dark and from great distances. Although he can't use his sense of smell to track like a werewolf, he was able to smell the Scott was a werewolf and Kira was a kitsune though he didn't find out Scott's status or Kira's element until he used his soul vision.
  • Healing: As a Elioud not only is he durable but he is shown to heal more efficiently then a werewolf. After he was shot in the chest the bullets were quickly pushed out of his body. He has also claimed he can not become sick or ill and has been shown to be immune to certain poisons.
  • Angelic Magic: Gabe is skilled in invoking angels to aid in certain rituals or spells. He has invoked Raphael for healing and Michael to cast a shield similar to the one made by mountain ash.


As an Elioud Gabe has several magical abilities known among the Elioud as virtues. Some of them are.

  • Sanctis Ignibus: A rare power not seen amongst the Elioud for centuries this is Gabes most offensive weapon. Taking the form of a fire/lightning like substance he can use it to knock over heavy objects like boulders or even to slow down fast moving objects. He can also incinerate a person with a touch or render someone unconscious. Dark creatures like demons or evil spirits or humans who have darkness in their souls are especially effected by it. If he is overwhelmed with negative emotions like anger, fear or doubt this power loses it's potency. Positive emotions like love, empathy, compassion and belief can make it stronger.
  • Anima Visum: This power allows Gabe to see a persons soul. He can read their aura and see their emotions in shades of different colors and can judge their health by seeing their life-force. He is also capable of hearing thoughts as long as he is making eye contact and a persons past lives as well as their true nature, he was able to tell Scott was a true alpha and that Derek was once an alpha and had taken an innocent life and was even able to tell Scott and Stiles sacrificed themselves to the nemeton. With this power he can see through illusions invisible beings and supernatural energy.
  • Alae Refugium: This power allows Gabe to hide his true Elioud nature from the world by covering his body with his wings. While it helps hide his angelic essence and makes him smell more human it can still be seen using electronic devices or by beings with enhanced eyesight similar to a kitsunes aura. Also while he is using this power he has no access to his Virtues but still has access to his physical abilities.


  • Heart Extraction: Removing his heart would kill him.
  • Head Removal: If his head is removed from his body then he would die.
  • Adamant: A rare celestial metal that is capable of harming divine beings. If cut by a weapon made by this substance Gabe will heal at the same rate a human would.
  • Mountain Ash: Usually it does not effect Gabe unless he has ill intentions. When he tried to attack Stiles in retaliation for him stealing his fathers ring Stiles was able to keep him at bay with a protective circle. But later on he was able to walk past the protective barrier at Scott's house without hindrance when he came to provide assistance.
  • Enochian Warding: Elioud can be imprisoned in or barred from a location using sigils from the Enochian dialect.
  • Adamant Chains: Chains made from Adamant, when bound to them Gabe is unable to use any of his powers and cannot break free of them.
  • Power Overuse: If Gabe overuses his power he runs the risk of his angelic side overcoming his human side and literally burst into flames and die. This almost happened when he tried to force his way into the Hale Vault which was revealed to be heavily warded.
  • Nemeton Artifacts: Items made from Nemeton's have been shown capable of harming him. When Stiles hit his wing with a baseball bat made from Nemeton wood it caused Gabe a great deal of pain, even though Gabe used the same wing to shield himself from gunfire.


  • Scott McCall: At first Gabe is weary of Scott because he is a werewolf and as such Scott feels a strong compulsion to attack Gabe when he catches a whiff of Gabe's Angelic Essence. But when Gabe learns Scott is a True Alpha and see's his soul he becomes more trusting and open with him. He greatly respects Scott for his willpower and kind heart, but at other times is frustrated at how naive and overly sentimental he can be. Scott does believe Gabe is a good person and would make a good ally for the pack, but fears Gabe's desire to bring the Elioud back from extinction might put people in harms way. Though he is quick to welcome Gabe's assistance and they have helped save each others lives a few times they have also come to blows. When Gabe kidnapped Derek to read his mind to learn the location of the Hale Vault and when Scott learned Gabe has made an alliance with Peter their friendship is now strained.
  • Stiles Stilinski: At times Gabe is amused by Stiles quirks and has found him entertaining. But most of the time he also finds him to be too hyper and talkative though they have also been shown to work great when it comes to doing research. Stiles long suspected Gabe was supernatural before he revealed his true nature. Their relationship soured when Gabe learned Stiles stole the Welkin family ring to find out if Gabe was responsible for some murders that began when Gabe arrived in town. Gabe tried to attack Stiles to reclaim it but Stiles protected himself with mountain ash and when Gabe was repelled Stiles suspicions about Gabe being supernatural were confirmed. Gabe manipulated events so Stiles would be arrested by his father publicly. Gabe enjoyed seeing Stiles humiliated and Stiles still has not forgiven him for it and Gabe now takes any chance he can get to tease Stiles and enjoys getting him riled up. Despite the issues between them the two of them are willing to put aside their differences for the greater good of the town and the pack. Though with Gabe's new allegiance with Peter and his attack on Derek Stiles is more then ready to get some payback against Gabe.
  • Kira Yukimura: Kira and Gabe get along very well though they have crossed swords a few times. Like with Scott Gabe sees the kindness in her heart and has helped protect her when she was in danger several times. Kira encourages Gabe to be more trusting with Scott and the pack telling him they don't care what he is but who he is. She was the first person he revealed to about his first love and encourages her relationship with Scott as he believes they are perfect together. She is hurt when she learns of his attack on Derek and his alliance with Peter but believes if they talk with Gabe then they can come to a peaceful resolution.
  • Lydia Martin: Lydia's sharp mind and fiery personality earns Gabe's trust. They have shared a mild flirtation and she is the first one in the pack he tells of his fathers suicide and the bitterness he holds against him for it. With her banshee powers she is able to help him understand his fathers reasons for what he did and Gabe is able to let go some of the resentment he has. Lydia is also able to understand the reasons for his actions as she knows what it is like to feel pressured by ones family obligations and knows he is only motivated by the desire to bring honor to both his family name and to the Elioud and like Kira encourages him to be more honest and open. Their relationship hit a rough patch after his incident with Stiles and when she learns of his alliance with Peter she is deeply hurt as she told him of her history with Peter and the pain he brought to the pack.
  • Derek Hale: Derek and Gabe have a very antagonistic relationship. Although Gabe has respect for the Hale family he finds Derek's demeanor and attitude very off putting and is quick to lash out both physically and verbally against Derek if he insults him or gives him attitude. Derek in turn does not trust Gabe and tells Scott that Gabe reminds Derek of himself when he was young. His attitude towards Gabe becomes more negative when he learns Gabe is an Elioud as he grew up on stories of the Elioud and the danger they pose. Despite their issues with one another Gabe did help save Derek when Kate attacked him and they came to an understanding. When Gabe asked Derek to let him reclaim the Elioud artifact Derek refused, believing nothing good would come of Gabe getting his hands on it. When Gabe found the vault and tried to force his way in Derek attacked him and severely beat Gabe (who was already weakened from overuse of his power) and warned him if he ever tried to steal from his family he would kill him. Once Gabe regained his strength he kidnapped Derek and read his mind to find out how to enter the vault. When he learned only a Hale could open it up Gabe was quick to find Peter and form an alliance with him. Derek intends to stop Gabe from getting the artifact, even if it means killing him.
  • Malia Tate: Malia at first found Gabe to be rather attractive (much to Stiles indignation). Gabe was weary of her as he knew she had taken an innocent life but when he learned of her circumstance he became more sympathetic to her. However when she learned he had attacked Stiles and set him up to be arrested she retaliated with Liam's assistance but found him more then a match for the both of them. She threatened to kill him if he ever hurt Stiles again and seeing her love for Stiles, Gabe bore her no grudge though he did tell her to keep Stiles on a short leash. For a while she was antagonistic towards him but when she learned of his parents death and his history she became more sympathetic and shared her own issues with him. When she called herself a murderer Gabe corrected her and told her she may be a killer but she was not a murderer as the circumstances of her mother and sisters deaths were not her fault. He tried to convince her to let him into the Hale vault and even bribed her with money, she angrily refused as Derek had already warned her of his intentions. When she learned of his alliance with Peter she was both hurt and angry.
  • Liam Dunbar: Liam and Gabe did not have a good start. When he first caught a whiff of Gabe's Angelic Essence he lost control and attacked him. Gabe defended himself and humiliated Liam by defeating him with ease. He also wanted to fight him again for what Gabe did to Stiles and helped Malia in attacking him but even with her help they were both beaten. When Kate returned to town to cause trouble Liam and Gabe joined forces to stop her and during this time Liam and Gabe apologized to one another. Liam explained his condition, blaming it for attacking Gabe but when Gabe revealed his was partially responsible because supernatural beings are drawn to the power of an Elioud Liam was happy to learn even Scott was tempted to attack Gabe when he smelled his essence as it meant Liam was not as weak willed as he believed himself to be. They remained allies but after Gabe kidnapped Derek and joined forces with Peter Liam is ready to take another shot at fighting Gabe.
  • Danny Māhealani: Danny immediately falls for Gabe's good looks and charms and Gabe enjoys talking to Danny about astrology and computers, he also surprises Danny with his knowledge of Oceanic cultures and religion. Gabe tries to keep Danny at arms length to keep him safe but falls for Danny's charming personality. Though Danny tells him he is not ready to start dating anyone after breaking up with Ethan they begin a 'Friends With Benefits' relationship. When Danny tells Gabe he knows about the supernatural and knows Gabe is a part of it Gabe confesses what he is to Danny. He is happy when Danny accepts him for what he is, telling Gabe if angels are real then it means there is something besides monsters in the world. When Gabe plans to kidnap Derek he tried to end his friendship with Danny but Danny refuses as he already lost Jackson and does not want to lose another good friend. He tries to get Gabe to talk to him but Gabe shuts him down. Although it pains him to do it Gabe ends things with Danny, not wanting him to get dragged into the coming conflict between him and Scott. Danny however knows whatever Gabe is planning it has something to do with Scott and his friends and plans to go to them for help.
  • Sheriff Stilinski: After Gabe manipulates things so the Sheriff has to arrest Stiles he develops a bit of resentment and when Stiles and the others inform him that Gabe is some kind of supernatural creature he becomes suspicious of him and has Jordan keep an eye on him. After Gabe is revealed to be an Elioud Stilinski is stunned and at first has a difficult time believing angels are real as the idea bothers him on a personal level. He warms up to Gabe when he apologizes for what he did and they maintain a friendly relationship. Gabe compliments Stilinski by calling him a good father and wishing his own dad was like him. Stilinski tells him he is sure Gabe's father would be proud of him. When he finds out Gabe joined Peter he is really saddened by this but holds out hope they can convince him to redeem himself.
  • Jordan Parrish: When the Sheriff learns Gabe is supernatural and may be behind some new killings he has Jordan keep an eye on Gabe. Gabe shows Jordan respect as he knows he is a good and honorable man. Jordan wants to trust Gabe but at the same time is weary of him because of his actions and his secrecy. The more he learns about him the more understanding he becomes. His reaction to Gabe's partnership with Peter is similar to Stilinski's.
  • Peter Hale: Gabe immediately makes it known he has nothing but disgust for Peter but needs him to get into the vault. He warns Peter several times if he betrays he will kill him and make sure it is permanent. Peter has shown to respect Gabe for his brilliant mind and power but at the same time enjoys taunting him, saying that the Elioud were worse then any werewolf as they made God flood the earth. Whether or not Peter will help him or dare turn on him remains to be seen.
  • Melissa McCall: Though their interactions have been few Gabe shows Melissa a great deal of respect. When she is terrified Scott will die after he is attacked by Kate Gabe is quick to comfort her, calling her a wonderful mother who raised a fine son. He even compliments her by saying she reminds him of his own mother as she too was a devoted mother and had to raise Gabe all by herself. When Melissa learns he is an Elioud she is delighted and happy to know angels are real as it means God exists. Sensing Gabe is lonely and craves friendship she has invited him to dinner with her and Scott several times and encourages him to open up. When she learns of his partnership with Peter she is hurt and angry and when she sees Gabe she berates him, telling him working with Peter is not the right way and that instead of going behind everyones back he should trust them to help him.


- He is bisexual, though he has not had a boyfriend or a girlfriend for a long time he has had numerous sexual encounters.

- Has trust issues because many people only want to be his friend because of his money.

-He also thinks people won't accept him because his own father killed himself because of Gabe being an Elioud.

- Is ambidextrous.

- Despite his respect for the Hale name he has a very negative opinion of Derek and Peter. Both because they have taken innocent lives and because he finds Derek to be pushy and rude and Peter because he is a disgrace to the Hale name.

- Was in a sexual relationship with Danny until he ended it to keep him from getting hurt in his conflict with Scott and the pack.

- Has shown a great amount of disdain for the Argents, calling them hypocrites and saying they have broken their own code many times. He also calls them cowards for committing suicide if they are turned.

- He has shown contempt for people who take their own lives. This is due to seeing his own father shoot himself in the head.

- Has a pet turtle called Mikey.

- Like the Argents and Hales the Welkins have a bestiary but theirs is much larger as they have been writing it for almost three thousand years.


The new student walked down the hall, reminding me a bit of Jackson. They both carried themselves in a similar manner. But he did not have that arrogant swagger or strutted like he owned the place like Jackson did, there was something humble about him. You could not tell from the cloths he wore or the super-model good looks but when you had loved an arrogant jackass you learned to spot them a mile away. This guy was not arrogant jackass. He was merely both confident and sure of himself – Lydia upon seeing Gabe in the halls.

“Why wouldn't I sympathize for the wendigos? I know what it is like to be born different, to have people hate and fear you for what you are. To have to pay for the sins of ones forefathers. Tell me Scott, do you know what the crimes of their ancestors were? Greed and in some cases cannibalism. Greed and a deep hunger so strong their forebears were cursed to be monsters. And that curse was passed through the blood. Born hungry, die hungry. That is the way of the wendigo. All because some idiot had to make a curse so strong it could be passed genetically from parent to child.” Gabe to Scott about Gabe showing sympathy to wendigos.

“Being a werewolf is not a curse but a responsibility. Now being a wendgo, that is the real curse.” - Gabe on the difference between being a werewolf and being a wendigo.

“The Welkin clan is older then the Argents or even the Hales. We can trace our lineage to the days before the Great Flood. Once we were many in number but time, two world wars and a horde of ravenous monsters and self-righteous Hunters dwindled out numbers. I am the only one in my family to be be born a Eloud. Hell, I might be the only Eloud in the whole world.” - Gabe explaining his family to the pack.

“When I get my hands on you, you pale little shit!” - Gabe trying to attack Stiles for stealing his ring.

“I never asked to be an Elioud, I never asked for my father to blow his brains out, I never asked to lose one friend and kill another, I never asked to be made the heir of this family. But that's life. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor. You take what you get and make what you can of it. And once I get what I want I intend to make life better for myself and for my family and for my people.” - Gabe to Derek about why he wants the artifact.

“Scott is lucky to have a mother like you. It takes a strong woman to make a strong child. Thats what my mom used to say. My father was weak as shit but she had more then enough strength to make up for it,” Gabe comforting Malissa.

“The Hales were once one of the greatest wolf families. Not because they had power or money, but because they sought to better themselves and control their violent impulses. You sir are a stain on that noble legacy and if I didn't need you I would gladly send you back to the hell that spat you up!” - Gabe to Peter.

“I may be a handsome psychopath. But at least my people didn't cause a massive flood that wiped out ninety-nine percent of the worlds population.” Peter's grin was sharp and filled with contempt. Gabe merely looked at him coolly. “It is true my ancestors did play a role in Gods decision to flood the planet. They were dangerous, which means I am dangerous. And if a creature like me is dangerous enough to get the Lord to initiate a massive extinction level event I suggest you mind your tone.” - Peter and Gabe.

I slammed the bat onto his wing, my who arm shook from the tremor of the blow and for a moment I thought the bat would shatter. But Gabe let out a cry of pain and jumped back from me, the wing that I hit was oddly bent and I knew somehow I managed to hurt him. I smiled, feeling a savage sense of delight at his pain. “That was for attacking me! The next one is for making my dad arrest me!” - Stiles attacking Gabe with his Nemeton baseball bat.

“You should not have allowed Deaucalion to live. If it were me I would have ended him then and there,” Gabe said. Scott frowned at him. “I may be a wolf but I am not a monster. He was a good man once. I had hope with his eyesight returned he could be a good man again.” Gabe gave him an expression like a grown up would give a naive child. “Then lets hope he doesn't lose his eyesight again. If that was all it took to make him become the Demon Wolf.” Gabe on Scott's decision to spare Deaucalion.

“You think I am afraid of you?! I am Gabriel Michael Welkin! I am the heir of my family and the last Elioud on the planet! From the moment I was born I have had to deal with monsters and hunters trying to kill me! I have seen things more scary then you bitch and I have enjoyed killing every single one of them!” - Gabe to Kate when she tries to intimidate him.

“If I had a Virtue to heal others don't you think I would have used it to heal my mother?” - Gabe to Stiles when he asks Gabe to heal a poisoned Scott.

“An adamant blade! This is a metal that fell from Heaven during the war. It is the celestial ore so rare this dagger alone could set you up for life. It's especially useful for killing beings like me as you can tell. I don't know how she got it. But if Kate got her hands on one of these then that means she has powerful friends now. Friends whom I think are will make for terrible enemies.” - Gabe explaining the significance of Kate having an adamant blade.

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