Garrett McGarden Orphan Assassin, Fairy Guard
— Mentions: "Float like a butterfly, Sting like a knife to the face."

Garrett McGarden Is a juvenile Faiel, former professional assassin and partner to Violet Redfox, before his murder at the hands of Kate Argent and her Berserkers. Found by a powerful Faiel prince, the fairy managed to revive the nearly dead Garrett on the basis that despite lethal injuries, the young man was still desperately trying to survive to be reunited with his partner. Reborn, he fell into servitude with Renato and continues to follow the Faiel in the hopes of reuniting with Violet, who was similarity revived by a dangerous creature as well.

He was given the new surname McGarden after he was revived. Symbolizing his joining new a family and no longer being an orphan.


Garrett is a handsome young man of average height who is well known for his toned body (largely due to his sports and assassination background) as well as his bright blonde hair and blue eyes, giving him, as others called it, a very German look.


Intelligent as his is ruthless, Garrett once held a fearsome reputation for being an effective and merciless killer. Devious with his plans and savage to execute them, his clever planning resulted in the deaths of dozens before his own murder. He has shown repeated disregard for the lives of others, including the young or old, human or supernatural, and even coldly turned on those who he spent years befriending while undercover.

Before his death the only thing he seemed concerned with was his partner, whom he went to great lengths to try and recover after he arrest by the authorities. Furious at her capture, it was this anger and devotion which led him to underestimate the Beserkers, which is ultimately what got him killed.

However, after his revival and rebirth as a Faiel, he seems to retain much of his intelligence and arrogance, but approaches situations with a good humor and smile, a trait common among Faiel as a playful and curious race.