Gaspard Maman Bright-Blonde Vampire
— Mentions: "Pop-art is Dead! My art is Superflat!"

Gaspard Maman is young and newly transformed Vampire who awoke as an exceedingly rare Blonde Vampire and Royal Breed shortly after he was turned.

Creative and eccentric, Gaspard was once a struggling artist in Paris who tried fruitlessly to inspire others with his creations, but apparently lacked real talent to create anything of real worth. Growing slowly more frustrated with his repeated artistic failures, he called upon powerful emotions, and tried to become a supernatural of his own will. This failed, however, it did call a powerful Royal Vampire, Simone Beck to his home sensing his indomitable will. Seeing the boys potential, she turned him and discovered his heritage as a Royal Blonde Vampire.

Following his new master, Simone suggested traveling to America where she had sensed several other powerful creatures gathering and a great calamity about to happen. The two are currently headed to Beacon Hills where they intend to observe a great happening in the small town.


Tall and rather gaunt with blue eyes, Gaspard is well known for his pale skin and rather sickly look. This is largely due not to his vampireism, but rather his pension for staying indoors for weeks on end, refusing to eat or sleep while working on art projects. Other than that, he has begun to put on muscle as he grows into his new powers, as well as his once dark hair turning blonde after receiving the bite, a symbol of his Royal Vampire status.


Eccentric and rather eclectic, Gaspard often prefers to live on the cutting edge of art and fashion. Given to flights of inspirational fancy, his mood tends to change based on whatever thing catches his interest at the time, such as art, trends, and even certain people. As such, he is subject to wild mood swings, including, deep depression, followed by exuberant happiness, only to be then proceeded by unstoppable energy and curiosity. One can only describe Gaspard as ever changing and unpredictable, though his love of the new and in vogue often keeps him on a somewhat focused path.