This character was created by Superjokertv.
George Bennett
General Information
Born 20th century
Status Alive
  • Police captain
  • Ally of the Wilson Pack
  • Army soldier (formerly)
  • Captain Bennett
  • Captain
  • Mr. Bennett
  • Simon's Dad
  • George
Physical Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Blue
Relationship Information
Other Information
Appearance Information
Portrayed by William Fichtner
First seen "Jackal Moon"
Last seen "The Return"

Captain George Bennett is one of the supporting protagonists of the Jackal Series.


George is the father of Simon Bennett and a police captain. He also the boss of Ryan Wilson and Nathan Lockwood, and former to the late Nicholas Quinn.

Jackal Series


  • Close-Quarters Combat: As both a former Army soldier and a current police captain, George has been extensively trained in close-quarters combat, both with and without weapons.
  • Advanced Firearms Proficiency: As both a former Army soldier and a current police captain, George is highly knowledgeable in the identification and use of various firearms, such as handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles.
  • Expert Tactician: George is highly skilled tactician and quite good at thinking on his feet. He is quite skilled in strategy and problem-solving due to his long career as a law enforcement officer and a soldier, making him very capable when it comes to solving the supernatural mysteries of Chicago with help from the Wilson Pack and their allies.
  • Law Enforcement Knowledge: George is very versed in the federal and state legal code and the correct protocols for dealing with various criminal situations. He is especially adept in de-escalating tense situations and talking down those who are committing crimes.

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