Giants or even known at Titans are powerful supernatural creatures and one of the prestigious Royal Breeds. Their royal home is the hidden plain Gigatheim. The Giants were said to have called upon Fear to bring themselves into the world.


Born some 13,000 years ago, they are the second eldest of the physical creatures and the first beings to be born from a humans desire, as opposed an an animals or undead.

Created in a surge of fear for their size and weakness, a human drew on their emotions to make themselves taller and stronger than any other, not to protect themselves but to protect that which they loved most. Willing themselves into existence with that desire, the first giant was born and their awakening was said to have been felt on ever corner of the globe.


Much like their name implies Giants are titanically large human like beings that are varied in appearance as any other humans. While their size is unknown, some were said to be as large as Ziz and other even larger. Though, in the thousands of years since their demise the common height of their descendants is significantly shorter.

Born out of a desire to protect others, Giants are a peaceful and non-aggressive race who rarely involve themselves in conflict with others. Their massive size and titanic strength was more than sufficient to ward off those who would wish the harm. Even their latest born are known to be incredibly shy, polite, and unwilling to use force to solve problems.