Glamor The Teeth of Heaven
— Mentions: "Glamor in Charm and Allure."

Glamor, The Teeth Of Heaven, is a powerful angelic serpent with historic ties to Dragons and even Jasha. An ancient outcast of both races, this creature was rumored to be a guardian of heaven due to it's fantastic power, and was once hailed as a God when a small tribe looked upon it's shining form.

For eons it ruled over Fimbulvinter Mountain peacefully, until the Millers happened upon it after researching the legendary beast and scaling the dangerous mountain. What happened at the summits peak is unknown, but Nicole Whittemore gambles that is had to do with the eventual death of the Millers and Jackson's transformation into a Kanima.

Jackson now seeks the beast at the behest of a mysterious letter left to him by the Millers in hopes of discovering the cause of their death and the secrets behind their past.