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Symbol Hale Pack Hale Pack
Hale Pack spread
Leader Derek Hale
Headquarters Wolfton Heights, CA
Status Active
Known members


* denotes their quality at the time of their death or defection and does not account for other states they may have been in up until that point
Emissary Alan Deaton

Formerly just known as the Hale Family, the Hale Pack has shifted and changed over time to a point where only two Hale family members remain. Currently headed by the oldest surviving member, Derek Hale, the Hale Pack permanently left Beacon Hills after circumstances led to the second murder their oldest and deranged member, Peter Hale. Now based in Wolton Heights, a smaller and more isolated town in California, the pack is trying to remain as incognito as possible to avoid any unwanted attention or to even be forced to be drawn back to the place of much of their family's death.