Harden Fall Festival of Fairy Life

Harden Fall (lit.Gathering of Lights), Is a great and ancient city of the Faiel and one of only three hidden worlds where the Royal Breed make their homes. The ancestral home of all Fairy, it has thought to have stood for over 5000 years and was the first city of it's kind. A glowing city built around an ethereal glowing world, the entire hidden realm is host to the worlds first magic, which is protect by the Faiel so it would keep from falling into the wrong hands.

In actuality the city acts as a barrier between Earth and the Last World, where the true First Magic is hidden, making the Faiel it's protectors and Harden fall their fortress.

Scott McCall visits the realm where he is gifted a miniscule piece of the first magic in order to stop Joshua and his followers from reviving the Nemeton.


Constructed after the discovery of the First magic, Harden Fell was created in response to the dangers of the first magic falling into the wrong hands. The first Faiel crafted an enormous barrier around the Last World to separate it from the Earth, and after humans began to rise as the predominate species, the faiel fled into the barrier to protect themselves. Eventually, they crafted a palace and an city within it to thrive hidden away.


Harden Fall is an enormous shining city in the middle of dark void of a dimension. Despite the darkness it is situated, the city itself is full of giants floating structures decorated in a bevy of lively and bold colors. The buildings range in sizes and float in a random order due to an abundance of Faiel magic, which keep them aloft and in constant motion. From palaces, bridges, parade floats and party balloons, the city is in a constant state of flux and celebration, fitting for Faiel who treat life as one long party. flower petals constantly rain down all around the city and the scale powder scattered by the flying faiel make the city glow even brighter.

All in all, Harden Fall appears to be more of a festival caught in a never ending parade than a city, and that is just how the Faiel who created it prefer.

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