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He's Coming Back
Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope
Series Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope
Series number 1
Chapters 6
Author(s) lyo24boi
Rating Teen and Up, PG-13
Main character(s) • Scott McCall
• Liam Dunbar
• Stiles Stilinski
Pairing(s) Liam Dunbar & Scott McCall
External link(s)FanFiction
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He's Coming Back is the first installment in the Decisions Made By Hurt & Hope series.

Source description

Not long after their post-Beacon Hills High life, a single event changes the alpha at the center of everyone's world.


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"Liam, watch out!"

Scott's voice broke Liam from his slumber almost instantly. The alpha's voice had become so alluring over the year, but even in the beginning it did something to him. Scott's voice wasn't like most alphas he'd seen. They used fear and control, whereas Scott…he didn't have to transform to use it. It was soothing. Mellowing. The younger wolf shifted his head to see the spot next to him barren, the covers looking as if they'd been violently tossed forward. He closed his eyes and listened for it. Immediately, there it was. That subtle heartbeat, Scott's signature mark. But it was more erratic tonight. Chaotic. Frantic.

"Scott?" Liam called out, his voice strained and groggy from his deep sleep. "Scott are you alright?" With no response, and omens from his dream, he panicked. He slipped his boxers back on and rushed into the common room of their apartment, his eyes darting around for Scott's form, his nose checking for any abnormalities. But a slight glance by the window answered them all. There was his alpha, curled up into himself under the moonlit bay window. Liam walked closer to him, apprehensive though as he could tell Scott was…something was abundantly wrong. "Scott?"

"He's coming back," the alpha muttered, almost trance-like. His eyes were glazed over, red from crying and they were lost staring off into nothing.


"He's coming back…he said so…"

Liam knelt down, hesitant to touch him in any way. "Scott…who's coming back?"

"But he said so…"

"Scott?" Liam pushed, forcing his view to lock into Scott's line of sight.


Liam stood walked over to the closed door of the other bedroom. "Stiles," he called out, rapping his knuckles rapidly on the old wood. Suddenly, there was some swearing, clattering, and stumbling right before the door swung open, revealing a very tired Stiles clad in his usual bedtime attire.

"What?" Stiles said sharply, rubbing his eyes with two of his fingers.

"Scott's…I don't know what to do…"

Stiles looked over Scott and instantly walked over to him, crouching down. "Shit…Scott…buddy?"

"He said so…" Scott muttered again.

"He keeps repeating that," Liam offered. "'He's coming back.' Any idea who he's talking about?"

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