Hou-Kuei Marvelous Giantess
— Mentions: "Pride in Humor and Gallantry."

Hou-Kuei is a proud and powerful Giant as well as a descendent of the Royal Breeds.

Born into a prestigious line of Giants, she was immediately singled out for her diminutive size and relative lack of strength compared to her older, stronger, brothers. Furious at her feeble body, Hou-Kuei focused her powerful mind to outsmart and sabotage her brothers. Eventually proving herself above her siblings, her intellect and ruthless cunning let her rise to the head of her family as a young woman.

Seeking to further power, Kuei sought out other Royal Breed giants and found one in the unwitting Talon, who took up residence in Beacon Hills years earlier. Hoping to harness his power, Hou-Kuei travels to the small town and quickly asserts the small city's true nature, as well as the dark power of the Nemeton.



Cold Kuei

Despite being considered a diminutive Giant, Kuei is still far taller than the average woman at a stately 6,3 and drapes her long form in elegant robes, silks and furs. A woman who revels in finery, she adorns herself in jewels and treasures from her historically affluent family and is rarely seen without a refined face of makeup. Complimenting her attire is long black hair, creamy fair skin and sharp black eyes.


Fearless and elegant, Kuei paints a picture of a dangerous and glamorous woman who is used to getting her way and dealing harshly with people who interfere. Proud to a fault, her faith in her abilities borders on obsessive as she often refuses to believe that there are creatures stronger and smarter than her in the world. She also revels in her ancestry as a member of the proud giant family, but refuses to acknowledge or speak of her past with her family, which was full of abuse due to her womanhood and small size.

Despite her successful manipulation of Talon, Kuei holds great sympathy and pity for the young Royal Giant. Her inner pascfist nature as a giant compels her to sympathize with Talon, who, like her, ultimately seeks a peaceful home and family to call her own. However, whether she can suppress this instinct and obtain her prideful goals or fall to her good nature, is still unknown.

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