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Humans (known scientifically as Homo sapiens) are mortal beings who can be Changed into werewolves or vampires through a Bite.


Humans vary greatly in appearance, however there are a few similarities. Almost all humans have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Their eyes are above their nose, and their mouth below it. Many humans have hair on their heads; the color is different for each person, but usually matches the eyebrows (which are thin strips of hair above the eyes). Most people have two legs and two arms; one of each are on each side of their body. Each arm has a hand, each hand has five fingers (except in the case of birth defects or accidents). Each leg has a foot, each foot has five toes (barring accidents). These are the basics for each human. These features may change after the person is infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy.


A human may transform into a werewolf or a vampire through a Bite. (See Vampirism or Lycanthropy for more information.)

Supernatural HumansEdit

There are several types of humans with supernatural abilities.

  • A banshee can sense when someone is about to die. (See Banshee for more information.)
  • Kitsune have supernatural abilities depending on their type. (See Kitsune for more information.)

Known HumansEdit

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