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It Gets Better With
Ms. Morrell
Hymn For The Cursed
Series Hymn For The Cursed
Series number 4
Chapters 1
Author(s) lyo24boi
Rating Teen and Up, PG-13
Main character(s) Scott McCall
Pairing(s) Isaac Lahey & Scott McCall
External link(s)FanFiction
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It Gets Better With Ms. Morrell is the fourth installment in the Hymn For The Cursed series.

Source description

With issues at home and coming out, Scott turns to an unlikely person for guidance: their guidance counselor.


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"I was surprised to see you made an appointment, Scott," Marin Morrell said from behind her desk as Scott took a seat in one of the chairs in front of her. "I wasn't aware of any…unusual occurrences at the moment."

"I figured since I saved your life, you owe me," Scott replied coolly.

"And this is how you wanna' cash in, then?"

Scott nodded. "And it's not about anything unusual," Scott said, annunciating the word just as she had. "If it were, you know I'd be talking to your brother."

"Indeed." She smirked, only studying him, her eyes locked with his and her hands folded partially in front of her face. Scott looked away for a moment, down at the wooden peg holding up the desk on the right. "I'm gonna' go out on a whim here, Scott," she said to try and break the silence, "but does it have something to do with Allison?" His eyes snapped up into hers. "A certain blind man mentioned your feelings towards your classmate."

"It isn't about Allison," Scott finally said. "Per say," he added, but didn't go on. He only looked down again.

"Maybe with her father, then?"

Scott shook his head, looking up. "I…" He stopped himself again, sighing and looking down at the black and semi-transparent divider on her desk.

"Scott?" she said, her head slanting slightly.

"I'm dating someone else, now."


"A boy." Scott looked up to see her sit back, bringing two fingers to cover her lips. "Isaac, actually." Her face seemed unmoved. He looked down again, back at the peg.

"Am I the first person you've told?"

"I…Stiles knows…but…well I didn't really tell him. He sort of asked me outright. And Danny knows."


Scott nodded. "He kinda' found us…together."

"I see," she said plainly. "And how did they react?"

"Well," Scott answered hurriedly, thinking back to that night in the locker room with Danny. And then he realized his answer was too enthusiastic and tried to cover. "Well," he said more calmly. "Danny's gay so he's cool with it. And Stiles, he was mad I didn't tell him right away but he was fine with it."

"Fine with it or 'cool' with it?"

"Cool with it," Scott corrected.

"And your parents…do they know?"

"That's actually why I'm here:"

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