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"You gonna take another pill? Of course you will! I bet you all the money in the world you will! You're so dependant on that fucking Lithium, yet you don't understand that it's gonna kill you one day!"

-Lydia to Joei on her addiction

Joei McCall Used to be a fun loving girl...Until the Bipolar hit,anyway. She became withdrawn and cold. With her Lithium, she was better. For awhile. She appears in Lithium:The Escape of Life  



Jolene McCall




Scott McCall-Brother

Melissa McCall-Mother

Unknown Father


Beta Werewolf


Lydia Martin

Lithium:The Escape of Life

Then up went the dosage. Joei started taking 5 pills at a time, unsupervised. Then it was all the time. It was her escape from life. And then Scott found her laying on the floor, high as a kite. He's very concerned, but he can't get to her through all the pills in her system. He keeps trying to get her into rehab, but Joei is so stubborn. 

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