Joshua Sage-Snake God
— Mentions: "I’m a motherfucking monster!"

Joshua also known as the White Snake, is a powerful and cunning Jasha who has had a hand in more or less all the disasters and mysterious goings on of Beacon Hills for the last 60 years. Plotting to revive the Nemeton for his own nebulous reasons, he makes use of Gods, Witches, and his own kind to achieve that end and is wiling to sacrafice every Royal Breed to do so.



Joshua's young form

As a Jasha he has the ability to shape shift to whatever form suits him at the time, allowing him to often range in height, ethnicity and sometimes even gender if he is so inclined.

In his most commonly seen form he is a tall, broad, pale skinned young man with scruffy mid length dark brown hair, and bright gold eyes. His eyes are often commented on as being far too sharp to be natural and others are often entrapped by their gaze. This is largely due to his Jashan nature, who's eyes are often used to hypnotize prey to make an easier kill.

Another common form is of a young, pale, short man with short cropped military style brown hair. This form can be distinguished by it's unnaturally bright eyes as well. This form is often used to blend in with younger humans.


Joshuas’s loyalties and personality are difficult to discern, as he is an arrogant, yet polite, flippant man with a dry sense of humor. Often preferring to stay out of conflicts, he takes a sideline and observes the goings on in silence, while collecting valuable information on those around him. His personality ever changing, his loyalties, if any, are hard to predict as he will dole out bits of valuable information to whoever he feels deserves it, while occasionally showing off brief glimpses of his overwhelming strength.



Ku-Tora Jashin, Joshua's birthplace

Joshua was born into a high ranking family within the Jasha and managed to become self aware while still nesting within an egg. Complementing his existence while in eutero, he noticed the weak sounds of a beating heart in the egg opposite him, who later turned out to be Carleon. Feeling sympathy for his weak brother before their births, Joshua understood his strength would be limitless, but useless unless it was focused towards a greater purpose.

Eventually he, alongside his clutchmates, were hatched and immedietly subjected to the Jasha ritual of fights to the death. Joshua, immediately sensing his weak brother would be killed, moved to his defense and killed many of his siblings defending him. Soon, only three were left, Joshua, Carleon and their stronger Brother who was struck blind in one eye after trying to attack Carleon. The parents, realizing Joshua would never stop defending his weaker brother, allowed the three of them to leave the pit and sensed that Joshua would perhaps be the strongest of his kind.