Kai Choi is the emissary to The Delta pack. 

Kai Choi


  • Lee Choi
  • Molly McLond







Hair Colour:


Eye Colour:


Skin Colour:


Love Interest:

Nico Walters


Beacon Hills


Kai was born to Lee Choi and Molly McLond. Her father was an emissary to Nico's  father so she knew about werewolves from a young age. Her mother died when she was young from a car crash. Since she was a year younger than Nico she and him became good friends during the time when he was more laid back and open to people. They weren't the most popular but were fine with that. fter a while they started to have feelings towards each other though they did never go on dates they did have secret meetings. Her father did not know about this. He however felt since they were involved with werewolves so much she needed to be able to portect herself so he trained her in martial arts and weaponry. One night he was acting frantic and told Kai to lock the doors and let no one but him, Nico or Nico's father in. He then left. Nico came back a day later with red eyes saying that another alpha had killed her father and his and that he had avenged him. He then told her he was searching for more people for his pack and told her that she was his emissary. After that he became distant and didn't talk to her much except when introducing new members such as Lynne. She became friends with Lynne when she met her however she did not talk to her much since she was invovled with the pack. One night though Nico came toher house saying that he was going after a rival pack and told her that he may ot come back. He then kissed her and left. A few hours later Lynne came to tell her he was dead and she was the Alpha.She was much more invovled after that especially when Lindsey died.


Kai was show to be a tough, strong willed girl who would not be pushed around. She was also shown to be dependable and smart since she helped the pack. Shown to be stubborn she wasn't afriad to challenge a werewolf as long as she knew she could beat him or her in a fight. 


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