Kamohoalii's symbol, concentric triangles representing shark skin

Kamohoalii (lit.Hai. King of Teeth) is a powerful Hawaii God and the purported King of Sharks in the island culture.

A fabulous deity of fearsome power, Kamohoalii once reined as a powerful ruler of the Pacific Ocean. Able to summon trial waves with a wave of it's tail and able to cleave islands in two with it's mighty jaws, it challenged even the terrible Ziz during the primal times of the Earth.

However, as with most Royal Breed's and powerful supernatural creatures, humanities rise forced Kamohoalii to hide its awesome power and return to the hidden seas where few, if any, know of his existence.

Still celebrated in Hawaiian culture, Kamohoalii can be found by a select few who wish to receive his power as a vassal. Those who manage to find it, and who are deemed worthy, are transformed in ability and are granted the gods name as testament of their power. These Kamohoalii, are fearsome hybrids who fight for their Gods glory, and whatever personal motives they may be hiding.

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