Kellan Richards
Family Unknown (Parents, deceased)
Occupation Apocalyptic Pack (Alpha Leader)
SpeciesAlpha Werewolf
StatusAlive; 18

One of the Alphas in the Apocalyptic Pack. He acts as the main leader.


Pre-Season One

Season One


Sadistic, cunning, lethal, charming.


Powers and Abilities

  • An Alpha’s bite can transform a human into a werewolf. The bite usually only has two outcomes - transformation or death although there are exceptions (Banshees, Kanima, etc.).
  • Alphas have the ability to hide their scent from other werewolves.
  • Alphas have limited telepathy and mental control over the betas that they create and some other shapeshifters.
  • Bites, scratches and other wounds inflicted by an Alpha will not heal as quickly as other injuries.
  • Alphas can heal the extremely ill with their pain transference ability but they give up part of the "spark" that makes them an Alpha. This can result in a loss of Alpha status.
  • Kellan, like members of his pack, followed the way of Deucalion and his Alpha Pack , and killed their own pack, and some.