Kit Carcharodon Big-Toothed Fish
— Mentions: "Shark Bait OH-HA-HA."

Kit Carcharodon, more commonly referred to as Kit, is a former student of Beacon Hills High and the childhood friend of Lydia Martin, as well as a powerful Kamohoalii.

Once good friends with the Martin family, Kit mysteriously disappeared a year before his high school graduation after an apparently unnerving prediction from Lydia's grandmother. Attempting to change his fate, he traveled away from Beacon Hills to gain a power beyond that of a Banshee and hopefully alter destiny. Finding that, he returned to Beacon Hills following the Nemetons rising and for a chance to kill Lydia to keep her grandmothers prediction from coming true.

Simply one of many powerful beats drawn to the city, Kit's strength as a Kamohoalii give him incredible shark like abilities, granted from a God itself.

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