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Kitsune are humans with special abilities.


Kitsune appear human to the naked eye. As such, their appearance varies infinitely among them. However, in photographs they have a distinctive fiery aura surrounding them, in the shape of a fox.

Types of Kitsune

There are several types of kitsune. As only a few will be in my story, those will be the only ones here.

  • Celestial Kitsune


Celestial Kitsune

  • Summoning - These Kitsune can summon spirits or even other Kitsune; however they cannot always control what they summon.
  • Enhanced Speed - Kitsune can run very fast.
  • Healing - Kitsune can heal from all non-fatal wounds, although this may take them some time.
  • Aging - After a kitsune reached maturity, his or her aging slows considerably.
  • Tails - A kitsune can have up to nine tails, which can summon Oni.


  • Mountain Ash - As Kitsune are supernatural creatures, they cannot cross a barrier of Mountain Ash.
  • Inexperience - Young Kitsune cannot hide their aura or control their abilities.

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