Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Speed: Kitsunes are faster than humans and have much better stamina.
  • Regenerative Healing: Kitsunes can heal themselves rapidly.
  • Nine Tails: Using an object that are called tails, Kitsunes can summon demon ninjas called Oni and can control them.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Kitsunes have the ability to react faster then humans.
  • Immortality: Kitsunes have a prolonged life.
  • Fox-Fire: Each Kitsune has a fox-fire. For example, Kira, being a Thunder Kitsune is able to absorb electricity.
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship: Kitsunes are able to learn how to wield a sword quickly.

Known KitsunesEdit

  • Asami Ashida (Celestial)
  • Kira Yukimura (Thunder)
  • Noshiko Yukimura (Celestial)

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