Ku-Tora Jashin Palace of the Snake-Gods

Ku-Tora Jashin (Lit.Palace of the Snake Kings) is the home and birthplace of all Jasha and one of the many hidden realms where the Royal Breeds make their residence. Hidden deep within the Himalayas the Ku-Tora Jashin is the oldest known structure on the planet, and was created before the Great flood and the only structure to survive it.

Hidden behind a glamor of magic and frost, only Jasha know how to enter the mountain sized palace and set foot in the most sacred of all places.


Built sometime after the First serpent was cast out of the Garden of Eden, it multiplied and with the help of it's first offspring they built a palace out of the ice and rock of their distant mountain home. Ku-Tora Jashin was said to be the first structure of it's kind ever built and the only one that continued to stand after the Great Flood. It's true age is unknown but it has housed every Jasha since their inception and is considered the holiest place for their kind.


Enormous and beautiful, the Ku-Tora Jashin is considered one of the supernatural wonders of the world and is only possibly matched by the Fairy castle Harden Fall in terms of beauty and architectural splendor. Taking up several thousand meters in sheer size, the palace is said to be as large as a mountain and as tall as the clouds. It's interior contains several grand halls and rooms as well as a giant tower that pierces the highest peak where the royal family lives.

In it's extensive grounds contains The Royal Gardens, an enormous hunting grounds located at the back of the palace where Jasha come to hunt and train, As well as the Gathering Place, a series of large stone pits where all newborn Jasha are forced to fight against one another for their survival after they are born.