Lacroix Academy The Galeries Lafayette

The Lacroix Academy is the premier hunter academy where all young men and women looking to be true hunters are trained in their youth. Named for the famous hunter, Christian Lacroix, it is one of the prides of Céline and one of the cities greatest landmarks.

Old, glamorous, and brimming with danger, the grounds double as a famous gallery, cafe, and dance academy when open to the public. However, behind closed doors the lights go up and the young hunters come out to train in the academies grand halls. Every realized hunter has come to train at the academy at some point. Including Allison and Chris Argent, both of whom were looked on as particularly skilled graduates.

After Allison's death, Isaac Lahey visits the academy with the reluctant blessing of the schools patron, Carlyne de Dudzeele, to train and gain the unparalleled skills of a hunter. Making him the first werewolf to do so in the academy's long history.