Symbol Argent Clan Louise Argent
Louise Argent
Born c. 1970s
Status Living
Species Human (Hunter)
Gender Female
Family membersClarence Argent (Husband)
Neil Argent (Son)
Gerard Argent (Father-in-law)
• Helena Argent (Mother-in-law)
Christopher Argent (Brother-in-law)
Victoria Argent (Sister-in-law by marriage)
Katherine Argent (Sister-in-law)
Courtney Argent (Brother-in-law)
Allison Argent (Niece)
Played by Elizabeth Banks
Appearances Bloodlust

The head of her household, Louise Argent has made it her job to make her immediate family the most important wing of the Argent Family. Educating her son about werewolves at an early age, Louise believe that her son will one day bring about an end to the greater supernatural threat around the world.



Hymn For The CursedEdit


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