Luna Sanchez

Nico Sanchez (brother)

Raphael Sanchez (father)

Gloria Sanchez (mother)

Dallas Carter's Pack (Druid/Emissary) Nate Lupus(mate/huband)

Beacon Hills High (student)
StatusAlive; 16
"I didn't kill them, some one else did. Anways, there were so many sacrifices; virgins, philosophers, healers, and warriors. There was even a few Druid blood there. I felt guilty taking it...but, I was near death. If I wouldn't have, I would've died. Now I have this power, this strong amazing power. And it won't be used in vain."
—Luna talking to nate about how she has her powers

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It's unknown what Luna is, whether she's a white oak (Druid), or a dark oak (Darach) Alcester has a difficult time to research and uncover

Druid/Darach PowersEdit

  • Minor Weather Manipulation: she can affect the weather, she can; cause storms, use wind as telekinesis, summon fog, etc.
  • Healing: heal any living thing with a touch, she can also heal memory erasure by healing the scars formed on the brain. 
  • Enhanced Speed: faster than most humans.
  • Enhanced Strength: stronger than most humans.
  • Bilocation: able to appear as if she's in two places as once.
  • Glamour/Shapeshift: she can conceal her true form, which has a long scar running down her spine, and scratch marks on her legs.