Marlene Janel Perscott, is a intelligent young woman and one of the main characters of the Beacon Hills (TV Series).



MJ is a beautiful young woman with light brown skin, long dark brown and white braids, and cat-like green eyes. She usually wears classy dresses or pencil skirts, boots, and neutral-toned jackets or sweaters, but does occasionally wear jeans, platform boots or heels, and crop tops.


Armed with brains, and beauty, MJ is a known overachiever in her academics. Popular in her own right, MJ is also known to lend a shoulder to a friend in need, and is very handy using her vast and immense academic knowledge to help out with the various supernatural investigations. MJ is also known to be a very loyal, independent, and strong-willed woman, who is incredibly compassionate and territorial over her friends and family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Gifted Intelligence: Having an IQ of 140, MJ is intelletually gifted. Between how quickly she can learn new skills and her craving for knowledge, MJ possesses dearth of knowledge on a wide range of topics including mathematics, chemistry, psychology, history, mythology, and foreign languages, which has helped the gang on numerous occasions. 
  • Strategic Thinking: As the brains of the gang, MJ is capable of organizing and executing plans for various missions.
  • Talented Singer: MJ is known for being very musically talented, often performing for the school and other events.

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