Marlene Janel Perscott, is a powerful druid-in-training. She is one of the main characters and protagonists of the Beacon Hills (TV Series).




Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Marlene's powers are still only vaguely understood as a result of the secretive and mysterious nature of Druids and Darachs. However, she gained additional supernatural powers from her connection to the Telluric Currents running throughout Beacon Hills, along with tapping into power sources (Nemeton, the Full Moon, etc.):

  • Telekinesis: MJ has demonstrated the ability to move objects solely with her mind. Throughout the series, this power has been shown to become stronger and stronger. She was able to immobilize an Alpha Werewolf with a single thought and cause him extreme pain while, however, the more powerful it got, the more unstable the power got. 
  • Mountain Ash Mastery: Like all Druids, Marley has the ability to create mountain ash barriers simply by throwing the ashes into the air and willing them into the shape she wanted. 
  • Rituals: Marlene, like all Druids, has the ability to perform and conduct rituals based on the arcane rules of mysticism and the occult. She is capable of harnessing, then drawing power from a power source such as a nemeton, the full moon or harnessing telluric currents, blood magic, i.e. blood or human sacrifices are also a potential component for the dark druidic arts.
    • Divination: She uses rituals in order to see the past, present, and/or future.
    • Telluric Currents:  When in-sync with the telluric currents, MJ is able to tap into it's power. She uses this connection to perform terrakinetic and atmokinetic feats, such as creating intense thunderstorms and earthquakes.


  • Expert Acrobat
  • Expert Combatant
  • Multilingual
  • Talented Singer

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